Solar Thermal Systems

Solar radiation is the largest and the only inexhaustible source of energy. This fact has forced scientists and technical companies to experiment in specific technological fields and create new applications by taking advantage of solar energy.

Solar thermal systems are one of these applications. The basic operating principle of thermal systems is the conversion of solar energy into useful thermal energy, as also the ability of converting solar energy into electrical power.

Solar thermal systems consist of solar panel collectors, also known as “thermal storages”, heat exchangers and relevant hot water piping.

The main types of solar thermal panel collectors are the following:

  • Flat plate solar thermal systems and evacuated tube solar thermal panels. The average operating temperature of flat panels is between 40 – 150°C and they are used in residential and medium sized business facilities.

The evacuated tube solar thermal panels collect solar energy using visual media such as parabolic mirrors, and then convert it into useful thermal energy. Using evacuated tube solar thermal panels it is possible to do the heat collection in higher temperatures than using flat panels. Therefore, evacuated tube solar thermal panels are used mainly in industrial applications and electrical power production.

The ‘heat storage’, is a type of heater storage of a solar thermal system facility in order to achieve the storage of thermal energy, since the thermal energy requirements of one facility are not compatible in time with the produced energy.

Such a brief reference to the basics of solar thermal systems obviously does not reveal the broad scope of their application, which indicatively is as listed here below:

– Production of Domestic Hot Water

– Heating & Air Conditioning

– ΒIndustrial applications (such as dryers)

– Heating of swimming pool water, etc.

The potential energy savings offered by solar thermal systems, particularly in cases of energy – intensive applications (e.g. hotels, swimming pools, etc.), is quite large. However the initial investment cost is still relatively high but maintenance and operation costs are negligible.

However, installing a solar thermal system must not be considered only by the initial cost but to be approached as an investment with technical / financial criteria. So it is necessary to create a techno-economic study, which would list the information required to all interested parties about whether the investment in solar thermal heating system is profitable and sustainable.

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