On Grid Photovoltaic Systems

CPCengineering can provide the detailed engineering study, the licensing process and the installation of photovoltaic systems connected to the grid (turn-key projects).

The experience of our company’s executives and personnel, provide a competitive advantage concerning the possibilities and potential ‘weaknesses’ of any possible solar park installation, by assessing and evaluating stored data deriving from completed previous installations.

This competitive advantage of CPCengineering provides the opportunity to propose the most reliable, technical and profitable solutions to our customers.

Beyond the experience of their engineers, CPCengineering takes advantage of their scientific background, having developed pioneering ‘tools’ for development of engineering studies on photovoltaic systems. These ‘tools’, provide the opportunity to the customer, to have a realistic assessment of the energy that will be produced by a certain Photovoltaic system, utilizing in the most efficient way the available space for installing the system.

CPCengineering facing each photovoltaic project with a specific methodology that has been set up to fit with the unique parameters involved in each specific project. Thereby, the qualitative features of the procedures followed by CPCengineering are preserved, while the uniqueness of each project is evaluated and highlighted.

Indicatively, the steps of the methodology used by our company for the study of a residential photovoltaic system are the following,

  • On site visit to the customer’s roof and detailed imprinting of the roof, so that the dimensions of the available space and equipment that have to be used to fully reflect the reality (e.g. mapping potential inglenook, finding slope of the roof, etc.). In this way, any problems that may arise due to inaccurate stent during the installation process are avoided.
  • Detailed study of shading effects on the photovoltaic system that have to be installed, using digital terrain map and special model calculation to estimate the impact on the energy production of the photovoltaic system caused by the surrounding mountainsides ranges.
  • Modelling of the shading effect resulting from supernatant obstacles (e.g. TV poles, chimneys etc.), in order to place the photovoltaic panels in a specific way, so that they will not be affected by the shading, ensuring the optimum energy production.
  • Layout (2D or 3D) and calculation of the PV system, for optimal energy production, taking into account all the information and data obtained from the above steps.
  • Technical and financial evaluation of the investment, with the aim of informing the customer of the future revenue and the R.O.I (return on investment).

For CPCengineering each project has its own dynamic and can be implemented according to customer’s requirements / demands. Our engineers face any difficulty in every project as a challenge, in order to offer the optimum solution in technical and financial terms for the customers.

CPC engineering undertakes the licensing process regarding the handling procedures in PPC, for the filing of the application file, FREE OF CHARGE, as well as the initial study and the techno-economic evaluation of the project, always bearing in mind the facilitation and satisfaction of the customer.